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my_iphone.jpgWell, I finally did it. I recently got my brand new iphone and I am very pleased! The functionality of the phone is incredible. Not only do I use it for music, but also for organizing my life. The calendar and notes feature allow me to jot down anything that comes to mind. Practically everyone I shake hands with soon gets recorded to my address book, while quickly snapping their picture.

One drawback is I have yet to find a decent case for this phone. They all seem to be cheaply made and ugly.


Recent news articles and podcasts out there have been reporting about a brewing backlash against Apple this past week. It looks like the price cut on the iPhone has really got people wondering if they’re dealing with a greedy company. Is Apple really willing to sacrifice their loyal customers in order to cash in on the hype of this new product?

Developers and hackers are also unhappy about the lock down being put on their phones. With Apple regularly updating their software through iTunes, customers are loosing valuable features they’ve put on. Is Apple protecting their baby a little too much?

I’d like to start by saying that I’ve been happy with all of the Apple products I’ve purchased thus far. I’m not an iPhone owner just yet (which is mainly due to having to lock into AT&T’s service for 2 years), but I’m tempted to unleash my charge card regularly.

My opinion is Apple can only do so much to satisfy the masses. People want every feature under the sun just short of solving world hunger. Do I think that they’re trying to cash in on the hype…yes. Although, isn’t that a companies’ job? They did a fantastic job marketing this product. With all that said, I will say though, I’m not incredibly thrilled with the lock down being put developers. If they want to add more functionality to their phone, I say it’s an individual’s right to do so. Apple has always seemed to be a company who supports creative innovation. My only conclusion is that maybe these applications are conflicting with the core functionality the phone was designed for. has a Web 2.0 site out there for those of you who’d like to track your bank accounts and credit cards all in one place. I found it to be very helpful by tracking my spending trends and giving me ways of lowering costs. The entire interface is very easy to use. I haven’t been using it for very long, but it looks like the longer you use it, the more accurate it becomes.

BTW – This is not my bank account.

SimplifyMedia has a free download for all you iTunes users out there. I have different computers I use on a daily basis, so this program allows me the functionality to access my iTunes library from any computer.

You can also invite other users to listen to your library by to sending them an email to sign up. So, lets just say you’re at work (minus your ipod) and you’d like to hear your latest purchases on your PC at the office. With an installed copy of iTunes, all you have to do is click on the shared library and wham…your listening to “Barry Manilo’s Greatest Hits”.

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