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People are always saying my father looks like Dr. Phil. It was just a matter of time before this hit net. My father recently told me he went out to a restaurant, and one of the staff actually asked if he was Dr. Phil. Seems like he’s really developing a fan club.



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When creating the homepage for this site, I wanted to stay away from stock photography. Rather, I wanted to focus on the actual members of the church. Stock photography helps in order to add a professional touch. Although, a church needs to be able to broadcast their true culture to first time visitors.

Recent news articles and podcasts out there have been reporting about a brewing backlash against Apple this past week. It looks like the price cut on the iPhone has really got people wondering if they’re dealing with a greedy company. Is Apple really willing to sacrifice their loyal customers in order to cash in on the hype of this new product?

Developers and hackers are also unhappy about the lock down being put on their phones. With Apple regularly updating their software through iTunes, customers are loosing valuable features they’ve put on. Is Apple protecting their baby a little too much?

I’d like to start by saying that I’ve been happy with all of the Apple products I’ve purchased thus far. I’m not an iPhone owner just yet (which is mainly due to having to lock into AT&T’s service for 2 years), but I’m tempted to unleash my charge card regularly.

My opinion is Apple can only do so much to satisfy the masses. People want every feature under the sun just short of solving world hunger. Do I think that they’re trying to cash in on the hype…yes. Although, isn’t that a companies’ job? They did a fantastic job marketing this product. With all that said, I will say though, I’m not incredibly thrilled with the lock down being put developers. If they want to add more functionality to their phone, I say it’s an individual’s right to do so. Apple has always seemed to be a company who supports creative innovation. My only conclusion is that maybe these applications are conflicting with the core functionality the phone was designed for.


I was very pleased to work on this visitor brochure for LWFC. They gave me a list of the basic elements they wanted to include, but also gave me the creative freedom to write the copy. This allowed me to easily create a theme to associate building relationships to farming.


Since this church is located in a rural area, I felt this theme would appeal to people in that demographic. The icons down at the bottom of the page help to further illustrate the church’s views on building relationships.

You can download the entire brochure in PDF format by clicking here.

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” But the gateway to life is small, and the road is narrow, and only a few ever find it.” Matthew 7:14


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