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DarwinTech is a Oakland County, Michigan-based technology provider to healthcare professionals around the country. They primarily specialize in software used for computer tablets and workstations in doctor’s offices. Patient files and records are neatly stored and organized within the computer programs to aid doctors and nurses.

With that being said, DarwinTech asked me to develop a website layout that would incorporate a doctor’s chart in the design. Physicians are typically accustomed to these folders or charts to keep track of their patients. By providing a very familiar interface, a doctor can just click on a file tab and easily navigate the site allowing for easy access.

post_it_mission.jpgLastly, my client told me that post-it notes are usually covering these folders. He wanted to add sticky-notes to different pages to add some character. A few shadows here and there give the appearance of a highlighted post-it note.


img_0222.jpgWe suddenly got a good taste of winter in Macomb County last weekend. I had forgotten about this pop overnight in my car and found this the next morning. I know water expands, but bubble to the surface of a can like this? It was only about 1/2 full, too. Perhaps someone out there could explain this to me. Science was never my forte’.

The Macomb County Road Commission has really been on top of things here in Chesterfield Township. Since 23 Mile Road and Gratiot Avenue are the two main stretches in town, the streets get plowed relatively quickly. At least this winter hasn’t been as bad as others in previous years. I can deal with the cold, but not the snow. Maybe I should come up with a winter hobby, huh? Lets just hope and pray we continue with a very mild winter this year all you Michiganders!

I found this video on the web which shows how versatile Photoshop can be. This guy is using a combination of Photoshop and Adobe After Effects to animate the zealous spartan. He’s given me some new ideas on how to use the transform tool to seamlessly modify a painting.

my_iphone.jpgWell, I finally did it. I recently got my brand new iphone and I am very pleased! The functionality of the phone is incredible. Not only do I use it for music, but also for organizing my life. The calendar and notes feature allow me to jot down anything that comes to mind. Practically everyone I shake hands with soon gets recorded to my address book, while quickly snapping their picture.

One drawback is I have yet to find a decent case for this phone. They all seem to be cheaply made and ugly.

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” But the gateway to life is small, and the road is narrow, and only a few ever find it.” Matthew 7:14


Narroway Graphics is a design studio comprised of the works of Charles Ellison. He is a freelance graphic designer near the metro Detroit area.

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